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How Do I Manually Open My Garage Door When My Garage Door Opener Fails?

Closing your garage door by hand is very simple and easy to do. When the garage door is in a fully closed position, you need to pull the red release cord downwards towards the garage floor. You need to take precautions when doing this so pull it down slowly and with caution because by pulling the red release cord, your garage door has the power to slam closed when you pull it if it is not already in the closed position. So always make sure when you do this that your garage door is completely closed when releasing the cord. Unfortunately, older garage door opener models do not have the red release cord so they have to be pulled down by a loaded clip or pulling a handle down with your hand. If this is your situation, then I would suggest in looking to replace your garage door opener with a new one. The older garage door openers are unsafe and it is very much recommended that you get a new one with all the new up to date safety and security features. LifetMaster and Genie are the leading brands in the market today. So don’t wait, call Long Island Garage Door today and we will install a garage door opener with your choice of brand, model, drive and horsepower with an additional 15% off.

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