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What happens if my garage door opener opens and closes by itself like someone else has the same frequency?

If you are faced with a problem like this, it can be caused by a short somewhere either in the wall button, wiring or in one of your transmitters. The way you can tell is when you get home and you notice that your garage door is opened when you know you closed the garage door before you left your house then you know it is the transmitter. A short in the transmitter can cause signals to be sent. If you notice that while you’re pulling out of your driveway that as your door is closing then suddenly it stops and reverses is because while the carriage and arm run past down the limit and hits the header bracket, it causes it to reverse. One of the best ways to fix it is to remove the batteries from your transmitter and try to operate the door from the wall button. If the problem still continues, try to repeat what you did the first time for a day or two to see if the transmitter is the cause of the defect. If that does not work then remove the wall button wire at the motor head to make sure it is not a short in the wire to the button. Operate the garage door with the transmitter only, if that ceases the problem, replace the wires and the test wall button. This is considered to be a process of elimination.

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