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What do you need to do if your garage door goes down to the floor, pauses and then reverses back up to the open position?

Your garage door opener has an open and close limit which sets the distance that the door will open or close before stopping.  In the direction facing downward, if the limit is set beyond the point at which the door closes completely, the door will hit the floor and act as it is hitting something and the safety feature will cause it to reverse.  If you have a chain glide or a screw drive you must set the limit closer to the motor so that the opener shuts off early (at the point where the door closes.)  If you have a chain drive with limit lugs attached to the chain (one for the up and one for the down limit) you should test the placement of the down limit lug on the chain in order to make the opener shut off at the point where the door closes.  If your chain drive has ‘driven limits’ that means the limits are individually labeled and adjustable by using a screwdriver.  The ‘driven limits’ are positioned on back or the side of the motor head.

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