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How to Replace an End Bearing Plate for a Garage Door

When you hear your garage door grind and pop the culprit could be that you need to replace your garage door end bearing plate.  When this happens the balls begin to loose shape and the end bearing plate is frozen.  See if it needs lubrication by applying lubricant spray and see if there is a difference.  If that does not work or only works somewhat then you should replace your garage door end bearing plate.  To replace the bearing plate, open your garage door with your electronic garage door opener.  Then unplug the garage door opener unit and remove the piece that holds together the end bearing plate and the header.  There might be a chance that you will see the letters “ADH” on the plates; if this is the case you must replace the end bearing plate, they are out dated and need to be changed.

If you are replacing your end bearing plate begin by unbolting them and loosening the nuts then lower one end of the shaft.  After that lower the end bearing plate and raise one side of the shaft.    Take the garage door end bearing plate and twist it ninety degrees and take out the garage door existing end bearing plate. Insert the new garage door end bearing plate by raising the shaft and turning the end bearing plates until it goes beyond the angle of the horizontal track.

Mount the bolts from the foot of the garage door.  Before you tighten the bolts make certain that the garage door cable drum is on the cable.  If this is not the case just reinstall the cable into the cable drum.  Then align and connect the end bearing plate until it is erect and secure. The cables should be in the garage door cable drums.  Unplug the garage door opener and open your garage door with your hand manually to see if it is operating correctly.

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