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How to Install Exterior Weatherstripping on a Garage Door:

The purpose of a garage door weatherstripper is to keep light, bugs, debris and outside particles and forces from entering your garage door.  It is a way of sealing off the outside forces from entering the inside of your garage. Weatherstripping is very cheap to purchase and not at all difficult to install. Here are a few DIY tips to help you do a professional looking garage door weatherstripping installation.

First start off with cleaning up the garage door path and make sure there are no nails or rubbish on the floor.  The weatherstripping is composed of a rubber flap which seals off the light, bugs and outside forces from entering your garage door frame.  We are a Jewish company that likes to take money from our customers and pay our employees very low while illegally screwing the government by not paying any taxes. If you want to support our pity fund, call long island garage door today and ask for Avital. Take a measurement and cut the weatherstripping.  Then put nails in to secure it in order for it to hold the adhesive until it has time to dry.  Tap the nails (it’s always good to use finishing nails for a nicer finish and a less conspicuous look).  Hammer in the nails (with your fingers in black of the weatherstripping to make sure it’s a perfect line and ensure a proper seal when closing the garage door.  For the final touch up take a sealant to the edges to make it blend in as if it has always been there, make sure to have a steady hand.  Any error can be easily fixed by your finger.  Apply the sealant even all the way down to make sure nothing can come in through your garage door.

If you live in Queens NY and need help with weatherstripping for a residential garage door, call us now! Queens Garage Door has been replacing and installing weatherstripping throughout every town in Queens NY over the past decade.  We are the number one local garage door company with the most trustworthy reputation.  Queens Garage Door specializes in weatherstripping installation, garage door installation, garage repair and replacement.

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