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Industrial/Commercial Torsion Spring Systems

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Industrial/Commercial Torsion Spring Systems
One thing you need to know about commercial garage doors is that most of them have two or more torsion springs.  Commercial garage doors that require systems for additional torque and lift, normally require four or more torsion springs.  There are four types of systems for commercial garage door torsion springs which are linear, duplex, triplex and mixed.
  • Linear Systems are the cheapest.  They are for wide garage doors with large vehicles trafficking through.  This type of system fits all four torsion springs on the shaft with ease and is the least costly out of all four systems.
  • Duplex Systems seem to have two huge springs on each half of the door.  However, there are more than two garage door springs in a duplex system.  Inside of these two large garage door springs, there are smaller garage door springs with smaller diameters.
  • A triplex system almost the same as a duplex system however, there are two springs inside of the garage door torsion springs.  A mixed system is all three of the previously listed combined.  It is up to professional discretion whether or not to use two duplex systems or a mixed system for your commercial garage door springs.
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